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Casual Encounter Vol. 5

When Cade chose his job over me, he shattered my heart, but I refuse to let anyone see how much pain I was in. I will rise above the heartbreak and make him regret his choice.

Bree Gamble is devastated when her lover, Cade Shepard, tells her he’s intending to continue his work as an escort even though he claims to care for her. As things between them end, she is determined to prove that Cade taught her well and find someone who can erase any memory of him. Will it be Finn Coulson, the handsome new neighbor, or perhaps Damian who she meets at a club? What she doesn’t know is that there is something much more important than her sex life about to play out, and the end game could be deadly.

Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to M.S. Parker’s seductive Casual Encounter series.



Love this series!


WHAT AN AMAZING CONCLUSION TO THE SERIES! I can’t say enough how much I loved this series! Everyone go 1-click it today! Must read!

-Carrie, Amazon

Fab series! Page turner!

-Alyson J Bunyard,



I really wasn’t having the best of weeks. After a shitty Saturday night, the rest of my weekend had sucked almost as badly. Monday hadn’t been any better…with one exception. When I’d gotten home from school, I’d run into – literally – a new neighbor in my building.

Finn Colson was a nice guy. Good-looking, polite and sweet. He was exactly the kind of guy I’d always been looking for. So, when I happened to see him coming down the stairs on Wednesday morning while I was rushing to get to school on time, I smiled and asked him out to coffee.

I spent the rest of Wednesday being nervous as hell. So nervous, in fact, that I actually dropped my chalk twice while lecturing on Heathcliff and Catherine. I finally had to finally tell my students to take the rest of the class to work on their homework. I saw the kids exchanging looks and knew they were all wondering why I was acting so weird. Hell, I was wondering it. I’d been the one to ask Finn out, after all. And it wasn’t like I was trying to seduce him. It wasn’t about sex or power. Just coffee.

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