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Casual Encounter Vol. 3

I thought I could handle this business arrangement. It was what I’d wanted, after all. Someone to teach me how to be the kind of woman every man desired. Every man, that was, but one.

When Bree Gamble agrees to let escort Cade Shepard mold her into a beautiful, confident woman, she tells herself that it’s business, nothing more. A transaction between consenting adults. Sex with no emotional strings attached. Exactly what she needs after the disastrous end to her previous relationship.

However, as things with Cade progress, she is forced to admit that she’s starting to fall for the handsome gigolo.
Will Bree be able to keep her feelings hidden or is her relationship with Cade doomed?

Find out what happens next in the third Casual Encounter installment by best-selling author M.S. Parker.



You’ve got a truly sexy, hot read courtesy of M.S. Parker.


People just DO yourself the distinct pleasure of reading this kickass series that will knock you flat on your butt and you’ll love it! Bree and Cade will rip your heart right out one minute, THEN make you want to find your husband, partner or battery operated device! READ THIS brilliant author’s series!!

-Duchess, Amazon

Very interesting book to read would recommend it to others to read.

-Donna Avery,



Without thinking about it, I reached out and tapped the touchscreen again, letting Cade’s voicemail play through a second time. I stared at Adelle’s phone, unable to bring myself to look at my friend. Not that it mattered. I knew she wasn’t looking at me. She hadn’t been able to since I’d taken her phone. The fact that she was acting embarrassed was proof that she knew she had been caught.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think Cade had other clients. And it wasn’t because I thought Adelle shouldn’t hire an escort. I couldn’t exactly judge her for that. I even knew and was pretty much okay knowing that Adelle had probably used Cade’s services in the past. Getting mad at her for having fucked him before would’ve been as useless as getting angry at anyone for their previous relationships.

No, it was because she’d scheduled a session with Cade just two days after he and I had been together. And she’d done it knowing he was my mystery savior, the man I couldn’t get out of my head. She’d done it following my devastation from learning he’d slept with me out of contract instead of desire. I’d gotten past that. I’d forgiven her. I’d placed our friendship as more important. But considering how her deceit involving Cade had nearly destroyed our relationship, I couldn’t believe she’d involved him again. That was the part that really left me stunned.

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