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Blindfold Vol. 4

Blindfold Series

Presenting Vol. 4 of the bestselling Alpha Billionaire Romance series, Blindfold.
I couldn’t seem to stay away from him. I didn’t know what it was about Ashford Lang that made me forget everything I’d always told myself was important about a relationship.

Toni Gallagher is worried about her boss, heiress Isadora Lang, but even that can’t keep her away from Isadora’s older brother. When Toni finally gives in to temptation, the results are better – and worse – than she could’ve imagined. What neither she nor Ashford Lang could have guessed is that the surprises are only beginning.

Make sure you get ahold of the steamy penultimate installment of MS Parker and Cassie Wild’s newest collaboration, Blindfold.


M.S. Parker continues to leave me in awe of her stories! I can’t wait for the final book! A must read!


You brought everything to life. Everything great writers should do. I started reading pt 1 yesterday, and just finished pt 4. I’ve never enjoyed reading about sex,lies, lust, hate and a kidnapping so much in my life. Cant wait for pt 5.

-Sandy Provost, Amazon

The suspense, chemistry and drama is so captivating that I’m totally sucked in and left needing so much more, then along comes that holy mother of all cliffhangers – leaving me needing Vol. 5 right NOW !





The sidewalk slapped against the soles of my shoes with a rhythmic familiarity.

It was predawn. Way too early to be up and way too early to be running, much less thinking, but I was doing all of those things. And why not? It wasn’t like I could sleep.

I hadn’t heard from the kidnapper again since that one phone call and the ransom letter. No contact about a drop off point or how the money should be delivered.

No proof of life.

I was starting to lose hope.

And I was pretty sure I was losing my mind.

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