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Blindfold Vol. 2

Blindfold Series

I knew it wasn’t my fault that my boss, Isadora Lang, had gone missing. I was just her assistant, not her bodyguard. Why, then, did I feel so guilty? Right, because I’d been fooling around with her older brother, Ash, when she’d been taken. Worst mistake of my life.


When heiress Isadora Lang disappears from her house, her brother Ashford is convinced that she’s been kidnapped. The police, however, do not believe him. They think she just left on her own. As more time passes, it becomes clear that something isn’t right.


Be sure to check out the second sizzling installment from M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild’s Blindfold series.



Blindfold Vol 2 is absolutely amazing! M.S. parker and Cassie Wild have created this incredible storyline that is intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering where it’s going next!

-Carrie Renteria,

So grab on tight to your seat because MS Parker does not disappoint you with this roller coaster ride!!!

-Michel R. Byer, Amazon

MS Parker and Cassie Wild, this series is amazing, there are no words describe the feelings that you are left with when you finish book two.





“Sir. I understand that you’re upset.” The officer spoke in a voice that managed to be soothing and calm without being condescending.

It was a nice voice and I had to admit, if he had been talking to me, it might have done something to penetrate whatever emotions were trying to drown me. As it was, it helped to ease the near-panic I was feeling. A little bit.

It had absolutely no effect on the man standing next to me.

Maybe it shouldn’t have.

We had no idea what happened to his sister.

She was just…gone.

Twenty year-old Isadora Lang, wealthy and beautiful heiress – and my boss – was nowhere to be found.

Slowly, he turned away from the window and approached the officer.