Blindfold Epilogue

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Blindfold Epilogue


By Cassie Wild and M.S. Parker




This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2015 Belmonte Publishing LLC

Published by Belmonte Publishing LLC.






I stared down at the ring on my left hand. It’d been there for nearly a year, but there were days I could still hardly believe it. This was one of them. I doubted it’d be the last, especially since it was about to be joined by another one in less than an hour.

I turned towards the full-length mirror for the first time since Isadora had finished putting the final touches on me. For nearly a full ten seconds, I stared, not recognizing myself. My soon-to-be sister-in-law had pinned up my long hair in a mass of curls that had taken most of the morning, and then she’d insisted on doing my make-up as well. All of that, plus the simple but elegant dress made me look far different than I did every day.


I looked at my mother in the mirror. Her eyes were darker than mine, but the shape was the same, and I knew I’d have those same faint wrinkles around my eyes when I was her age. If I also had half the love she did, I’d consider myself lucky. I was already lucky. I had my family. I had Isadora.

I had Ash.

Things happened so fast between us that, even after his proposal, I’d been concerned about our relationship. We’d gotten together under such insane circumstances, and our relationship was anything but traditional. I’d worried that, once things had settled down, we’d find that all of the passion between us had gone.

I was wrong.

If anything, I loved Ash more now than I had before.

“Could I have a minute with Toni?”

I heard the door close as my four bridesmaids left. Isadora was my maid of honor. My sisters-in-law, Yvette and Beth, were also attendants, as was Rachelle, my brother Vic’s former ex-girlfriend. Well, maybe not his ex for much longer. At least, I hoped that’d be changing soon. They had a son together, but Vic hadn’t been very reliable the first few years after his son had been born, so their relationship had been rocky at best.

Over the last year, however, Ash wasn’t the only one who’d been making strides in his personal life. Vic had started working with our father, and was working even harder on making things right with Rachelle. He’d told me not more than a month ago that he didn’t just want to be in his son’s life. He wanted Rachelle back too.

I hoped it worked. My brother wasn’t perfect, but he deserved happiness. Plus, I liked Rachelle better than most of the other women he’d dated over the years.

“I’m so proud of you.” My mom’s voice was strong, but I knew her well enough to tell her emotions were at the surface. “Your father and I both are.”

I turned towards her and she caught both of my hands in hers.

“You’ve always known what you wanted,” she continued, her eyes glowing with the light of motherly love. “And you’ve worked so hard to get it. Fought tooth and nail against everything that’s come against you. You’ve grown into a woman even more beautiful and amazing than we ever could have hoped.”

She pulled me into her arms, and I looked up, blinking hard, in an effort to keep myself from crying. My make-up was waterproof, but I didn’t want my eyes to be red when I walked out there.

I managed to hold on, even if just barely, so when Isadora knocked to tell us that it was time for my mother to head into the sanctuary, I didn’t need to do more than take a slow breath before I was ready.

And I was ready, I realized with a start.

The nervous flutters in my stomach had shifted at some point. Now they were twists and coils of a different kind.



I wasn’t just ready. I was eager. Eager for Ash, but not only physically. I was eager to start my life with him. It was true that we’d all been working on moving forward since the trial ended, and we’d had a series of milestones since then, but this was the one. The one that really made me feel like our life was truly beginning.

When Isadora stuck her head back in, I smiled and followed her out. I could hear the music Ash and I had selected, and the thought of him waiting at the end of that aisle made my pulse skip a beat. I caught a glimpse of my niece and nephew as they went from their mom at my end of the aisle to their dad who was waiting near Ash.

“Ready?” My dad stepped up next to me and held out his arm, his face the very definition of pride.

“Definitely.” I nodded as I threaded my arm through his, and we waited our turn.

I tried to concentrate, to remember every detail, but the day jumped in fits and starts, some parts lost in the background, others stark and clear.

The feel of Ash’s hand as his fingers wrapped around mine was an imprint, never to be forgotten.

The traditional words faded into background noise.

Our self-written vows stood out, and I knew I’d remember his as well as my own.

“From the first moment I met you, Toni, you defied my expectations. And you’ve continued to do that, every minute, every hour. I know that I don’t deserve you, but I promise to spend the rest of my life loving and protecting you. I trust you with my life and my heart. You’re my world, my everything. I love you, Toni. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Then it was my turn.

“The first time I saw you, I couldn’t believe how good-looking you were. Or how arrogant.” I paused, giving the audience a moment to quit chuckling. “But I quickly learned that there was more to you than your looks. Or your arrogance. I saw a man who loved his sister more than anything, who was intelligent and passionate. And I fell in love with that man. You amaze me, and I know you’ll continue to amaze me in the years to come. I trust you with my love and with my heart. I love you, Ash.”

Other words buzzed by, but then I heard the important ones.

“…husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Ash stared down at me for a long second and then cupped my chin. I expected a harsh kiss, something fierce and passionate, especially since we hadn’t had sex in two weeks – surprisingly, at his insistence – but his lips were gentle as they came down on mine. He took his time, his tongue sliding into my mouth, slowly exploring every inch. Searching. Seeking. Discovering. As if it was our first kiss.

And then it was over and we were walking back down the aisle, hand-in-hand.

The receiving line was a blur, a series of hugs and well-wishes that I was grateful for, even though what I really wanted was to take my husband to the nearest private space I could find and feel him inside me.

As soon as the limo door closed behind us, I knew that I hadn’t been the only one thinking that way. I barely had time to register Ash moving before he was kneeling in front of me, mouth and hands hot on my skin. He kissed me with the near-desperate hunger that had been missing from our wedding kiss. His teeth scraped over my bottom lip, and I moaned into his mouth as he pushed the skirt of my gown up far enough to get his hands underneath.

“Need you,” he growled as his mouth moved down my jaw and throat, nipping and sucking until I knew I was going to have marks.

I shot a glance towards the front of the limo, but the driver had already put up the partition window, giving us complete and total privacy. I took a second to hope that the intercom was off too, and then Ash’s hands were sliding up the outside of my thighs and I didn’t care anymore.

He hooked his fingers under the waistband of the sheer white lace panties I was wearing and pulled them off. He tucked them into his pocket and I gasped as his head disappeared under my skirt. I bit my bottom lip as I arched off the seat, his tongue licking and probing every inch of me until I was writhing against his mouth.

A year ago, I would’ve denied I could ever make the mewling, whimpering sounds that were coming from me, but my time with Ash had taught me that he could make me do a lot of things I’d never dreamed of.

Case in point, having my new husband going down on me in the back of a limo while we were on our way to our reception. Not exactly something I would’ve expected of myself before Ash.

I was panting, on the brink of orgasm, when he raised his head. I made a noise of protest, my body a humming, needy mess. I reached towards him and heard his zipper even as he leaned into me. His mouth came down on mine, and he thrust into me. He swallowed my cry, his tongue sliding into my mouth even as he rocked against me. I could feel his tension as he fought for control, and I intentionally tightened around him.

“Fuck, Toni,” he groaned as he pulled his mouth from mine. His eyes were dark as he looked at me. “I’m going to punish you for that.”

I smiled at him and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Make me come, and you can punish me all you want.”

He started to pull back and, for a moment, I was afraid I’d gone too far, that my punishment was going to be to spend the entire reception with my body throbbing in need. Then he snapped his hips forward and I nearly screamed. Nearly only because he clapped a hand across my mouth in time to stifle the sound.

“Don’t want Lewis to get the wrong impression of what’s going on back here.”

One hand over my mouth, the other slid behind my back to hold me in place as he drove into me with hard, rough strokes that had me trembling after two, and coming after two more. His hips jerked as my muscles convulsed around him, his fingers flexing against my face. Three more hard thrusts sent sparks of painful pleasure through me, drawing out my orgasm, and then he buried himself deep, coming with a primal moan that made my stomach flutter.

His hand dropped away from my mouth as he kissed me gently. We stayed together for a moment longer, letting our bodies calm and cool. I hissed as he pulled out of me and a look of concern crossed his face.

“Did I hurt you, baby?” He brushed his fingers across my cheek.

I smiled as I shook my head. “Only in a good way.” I reached up and wrapped my fingers around his. “I’ll be feeling you inside me through the whole reception.” I drew his hand to my mouth and kissed his fingertips. “I guess that’ll have to be enough to get me through until we make our escape.”

He sucked in a breath as I scraped my teeth across the top of his middle finger. “You really want me to punish you, don’t you?”

I gave him a mischievous smile and darted out my tongue, touching it against the pad of his finger.

He rocked back on his heels, watching me for a few seconds before he moved up to the seat next to me. He turned our hands so that our fingers laced between each other, but he didn’t speak.

Based on the thoughtful expression on his face, I had a feeling he was trying to decide on my punishment. My stomach twisted in a good way. In the time we’d been together, Ash had shown me that, even if uncomfortable at first, in the end, I would enjoy being punished. He never hurt me, never made it so that it was something I dreaded, no matter how it started.

He slid his hand into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out my panties. I started to reach for them, but when his fingers curled more tightly around them, I dropped my hand and waited.

“I don’t think you deserve to have these back.” One corner of his mouth tipped up in a partial smile. “That’s your punishment.” He put my panties back into his pocket. “You’re going to spend the rest of the night without them. Every time we dance, every hug, every greeting. When I take off that garter.” His eyes flicked down to my leg. “You’ll know that I could slide my fingers inside you, right there in front of everyone.” He leaned over and brushed his lips against my cheek. “And if you’re good, maybe I’ll do just that.”




Ashford Lang was pure evil.

We’d been at our reception for nearly two hours, and the entire time, he’d been tormenting me. Whether it was his hand sliding down my back just enough that his fingers were brushing the top of my ass while we shared our first dance, or trying to eat while he kept leaning over to whisper all of the wicked things he wanted to do to me, he appeared to be thoroughly enjoying my discomfort.

Now, the meal was done. We’d cut the cake and stuck to our promises not to shove anything into each others’ faces. We’d had our first dance, and then I’d danced with my father and each of my brothers while Ash took turns dancing with my mother and Isadora. I’d thrown my bouquet, and intentionally aimed it at Isadora, earning a good-natured glare from Ash.

He’d been true to his promise when he’d taken off my garter. Keeping my dress discreetly at my knee, he’d reached higher, ignoring the whistles and cat-calls, as well as not-so-subtle threats from my brothers. He’d used one hand to work down the garter, while his other went higher between my legs, lightly brushing his fingertips across my sensitive skin. It had been all I could do not to moan right there.

Much to my brother’s embarrassment, Vic caught the garter, and I was pretty sure that Ash had thrown it at him intentionally. When I’d seen the sideways look Vic had thrown Rachelle’s way, though, I made a mental note to thank Ash for it.

Now, we were at the part of the night where we were supposed to go around and greet people. We hit my extended family first, aunts and uncles, cousins and second cousins. Both of my parents had come from relatively large families, so there were a lot of them.

Because Ash and Isadora didn’t really have any family, we’d forgone the traditional sides of the church, encouraging people to sit wherever they wanted. Most of Ash’s invites had gone to the staff, Phenicie-Lang employees and other business contacts. There were a few exceptions, such as Agent Marcum and Jefferson Sinclair, who we’d both wanted to invite.

Standing with Isadora and Colton right now were another pair Ash and I had invited for our personal connection.

Dominic Snow was CEO of Winter Enterprises, the company that had been responsible for sending me to Isadora. Specifically, it had been Robson Findlay who’d done it, and he was here too, but Dominic and his gorgeous wife, Aleena, were connected to us in other ways too.

Over a year ago, Dominic had started a charity called In From the Cold that worked on finding and rescuing victims of human trafficking. At first, he’d specifically focused on babies who’d been sold on the black market – like he’d been – but the charity had expanded to include other aspects of human trafficking as well. Aleena worked with him as his personal assistant, which is how they’d met, and it had been she who’d come to see Isadora after the kidnapping had gone public.

Isadora had already decided she wanted to become a victim’s advocate, but Aleena’s visit had solidified things for her. Now, in addition to her college courses, she volunteered at In From the Cold.

But it hadn’t only been my new sister-in-law Aleena had spoken to.

Ash threw Phenicie-Lang behind the charity while I’d taken a job as an on-staff therapist. It wasn’t the easiest job in the world, and there were days I came home from work devastated by the horrors people had recounted. But Ash was always there, ready to give me whatever I needed.

“Congratulations!” Aleena gave me a hug to go along with her warm smile. Dominic offered his own greeting, but only shook my hand. He wasn’t the sort of person who touched casually.

Well, except his wife. He always seemed to be touching her. Holding her hand. His hand on the small of her back. Arm around her shoulders. I knew they’d gone through a lot to be together, and the similarities of their relationship to Ash’s and mine went deeper than even that.

While Aleena and I had only known each other for a year, there were aspects of our friendship that made us much closer than we would’ve been without them. Mainly, she and I were both still relative novices in the world our husbands had brought us into. She and I shared things that neither of us could share with other friends. Things others wouldn’t understand.

Like the way pain could turn to pleasure, enhance intensity. How surrendering control could be freeing. The way punishment could be a good thing. How being submissive didn’t have to mean humiliation. How a lover could be rough, fierce, but then gentle when it was all over.

Though neither of us ever considered sharing, the four of us would often see each other at Olympus, sit together during the entertainment. A couple of times, we’d gone so far as to engage in some slight exhibitionism, being a bit more open about touching, but we’d never let it get to a place where things would be awkward between us. I was grateful for that because, as close as Isadora and I were, the things Ash and I did…not something one shared with one’s sibling.

“You look amazing,” Aleena said. She stepped back into Dominic’s waiting arm, and he wrapped it around her waist, his hand resting on her hip.

I knew the two of them had gotten a lot of shit when they’d first started out together. Partly because she was his assistant, but there’d been some people who’d been mortified, not by his being her employer, but by the difference in their social status…and their race. Now, the novelty seemed to have worn off and most people barely even gave them a second glance anymore. And the ones they did get were almost always admiration. They were a gorgeous couple.

Almost as gorgeous as their daughter.

“Did you bring Carly?” I asked.

Aleena shook her head. “She’s got a new tooth coming in, poor thing.”

“Speaking of, I’m going to go call Leann and see how things are going.” Dominic kissed the top of Aleena’s head before heading towards the lobby.

Aleena shook her head as she watched him go, love shining on her face. “I swear, her teething bothers him more than it does her.” She turned back to me. “If he does this with every kid, he’s going to drive himself nuts.”

“Every kid?” I raised my eyebrows. “Are you…?”

She flushed prettily. “No. Not yet. But we’re trying for a second.”

“That’s wonderful!” I pulled her into another hug, and then handed her off to Isadora who offered her own congratulations.

As I stepped back to Ash’s side, something occurred to me. I tried to keep it off my face, but I knew I hadn’t succeeded because Ash leaned down to speak quietly.

“Are you okay?”

I nodded. I could feel the flush creeping up my neck and hoped most people would think it was from being overheated. I was hot, but that wasn’t what was making me blush. I turned and put my lips against his ear.

“I was just thinking how that might…complicate things.”

He gave me a puzzled look and I knew I was going to have to say it.

“Being pregnant. And what they do…what we do…”

His eyes widened, and he glanced down. “You’re not…?”

I shook my head. “No, but I want kids, and you said you do too.”

“I do.” His lips twitched, and I knew he was trying not to laugh. “I guess we’ll have to ask them when the time comes. Or buy a really good lock.”

I glared at him and he broke, chuckling. It was a low, warm sound, one of his genuine laughs that I always loved to hear. He pulled me into a hug and kissed the tip of my nose.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “We’ll figure it out when we need to. Together.”

Together. I put my head on his shoulder. I liked the sound of that.



We’d been debating over our honeymoon for months. Ash wanted it to be a surprise. I wanted to have some say in where we went. The one thing we agreed on, however, was that neither of us wanted to spend our wedding night traveling, even first class. We didn’t want to be exhausted when we arrived wherever it was we were going.

So Ash decided that we needed a wedding present to ourselves, in addition to our honeymoon. He already had a private jet that he used for work, but he wanted something better for our trip. Better turned out to be a slightly bigger airplane…with a bedroom in the back. It wasn’t very big, mostly taken up by the bed, but that was what we wanted it for anyway.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this,” I said as I followed Ash into the plane.

“Being my wife?” he teased.

I rolled my eyes. “Being rich. I know you want me to think of it as ‘our’ money, but being able to personalize a plane with a queen-sized bed just so we can travel in a bit more style is crazy.” I glanced over at him and grinned. “And where is it we’re going again?”

We’d come to a compromise about the surprise thing. I’d given him a list of the top places I wanted to go someday, and he would make the final arrangements. That didn’t keep me from trying to figure it out though. I especially liked to use it when we were in the playroom. It’d triggered some of Ash’s more…interesting punishments.

“Cute.” He gave me a sideways look. “You’re just lucky I was already planning on telling you our itinerary, or I’d be taking it out on your ass.”

I almost told him to do it anyway, but I wanted to know our destination even more than I wanted to continue flirting. “So which is it? France? Italy? England? One of the other places?”

He nodded a greeting at the flight crew, and led me back to a pair of side-by-side seats. We settled in and buckled up as the crew moved around, getting us ready.


I blinked at him, then realized he was answering my question. “Which one? I gave you a list of ten places so I’d be surprised no matter which one you picked.”

As the plane began to rumble down the runway, Ash reached over and took my hand, a pleased expression on his face. “All of them.”

I stared at him. I couldn’t have understood him correctly. Ten different places all over the world, and not just in Europe either. The Bahamas. Alaska. Brazil. I shook my head.

“Another good thing about owning a private plane with a bedroom,” he said. “Makes scheduling a ten-destination honeymoon much easier.”

“But…we don’t…I mean…work…” I was aware I was stammering, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“Relax,” he said. “I’ve got it covered. Besides, we’re not doing long periods of time in each place. And we’re mostly going to be sleeping while we travel.” His eyes darkened as his fingers tightened around my hand. “Sleeping and…other things.”

Heat spread through me as I listened to him talk about everything he had planned. As we waited for the all-clear from the captain that we could move back to the bedroom, Ash told me each stop, what specific sites he wanted us to see. And when he finished, he looked over at me, a strange, vulnerable look on his face.

“Is all this okay?”

A surge of love went through me, and I knew that question was more than four simple words. He was asking about control, if this was one of those decisions I wanted a say in.

But he was also worried that I wouldn’t like his surprise. Not just because of the control issue, but because Ash was actually a lot more vulnerable than people knew, especially when it came to relationships.

“It’s perfect.” I raised our hands and kissed his knuckles.

“You’re perfect.” He bent his head and pressed his lips to my forehead.

I was pretty sure I dozed off at some point after that, because the next thing I knew, I was being carried. I hovered there, half-in, half-out. Ash set me on the bed and I felt the soft cotton of expensive sheets beneath my hands. Then my dress was sliding off and I was left completely bare.

Before I could even get chilled, Ash’s body was sliding over mine. He settled between my legs and I felt him nudge against me, hard and ready. He propped himself up on his elbows as he looked down at me.

Our eyes locked and he slid inside me, skin against skin. No matter how many times he did this, how often my body stretched to accommodate him, it felt like the first time.


He moved with slow, steady strokes, each one pushing me to my limit, pressing his body exactly where I needed it to give me the right friction in the right place.

“I’m going to make you come,” he murmured. “And this is going to be just the beginning. I plan on making the most of our flight, and only some of that time sleeping.”

I whimpered as he rolled his hips, the head of his cock pressing against my g-spot. I ran my fingers through his hair as I arched against him, trying to pull him deeper, more tightly against me.

“I’m going to take you from behind, have you ride me. Tie you up, spank you. Make you beg for more, beg me to stop.” He kissed me hard. “You’re mine.”

“Yours,” I agreed. And I was. Heart, body, mind and soul, I was his. And he was mine. He had a ring on his finger to prove it.

Half a dozen more strokes and the pressure inside me exploded. I cried out. He moved slowly, coaxing out every last drop of pleasure. But still, I wasn’t satisfied. I’d never be satisfied, no matter how much of him I had. I wanted more. And so, I knew, did he.

He was still hard as he pulled out of me. The expression in his eyes was heated as he sat back on his heels and looked down at me.

Shit. I knew that look.

“Hands behind your knees.” His voice took on that authoritative note that made things low inside me twist and turn.

I reached down and hooked my hands behind my knees.

“Lift your legs.”

I did. I’d never been ashamed of my body, but a year ago, spreading myself open like this would’ve embarrassed me. Now, the heat flooding me wasn’t from shame, but desire. I didn’t know what was coming next, but I knew I was going to like it.

“Pull your knees to your chest.” Ash wrapped his hand around his cock, giving it a few slow strokes. “I’m going to fuck your ass now.”

I took a shuddering breath. We’d had anal sex a couple times over the past year, but never from this position. He’d told me before that it’d be more intense this way. And based on how he was looking at me, I didn’t think he was planning on taking it easy. Not this time.

When a slick finger probed at my ass, I breathed out, relishing the slight burn as the digit pushed past the ring of muscle.

“Relax, baby,” he said as he moved his finger in and out. “This is all the stretching you’re going to get.”

I whimpered, but didn’t protest. I knew if I used the safe word we’d established, he’d stop, but I didn’t want him to stop. I’d never used it before, and I wasn’t about to start now. I trusted him.

I wanted him.

I wanted this.

After just a few moments, he pulled his finger out and something much larger took its place. He eased himself inside, each inch making me gasp and writhe. My head fell back, my eyes closed, but I kept my grip on my legs, holding myself open for him.

Tears leaked out from under my eyelids, and then I felt his thumb brushing over my clit, turning pain into pleasure. He kept up the steady circles until he was fully buried inside my ass.

“Open your eyes.”

I forced my eyes open, breath coming in desperate pants. My body was on fire, pain and pleasure fighting. My muscles were shaking, my fingers barely able to hold on to my legs.

“I want you to come again.” Ash put his hands on the back of my thighs, holding my legs in place. “Touch yourself.”

Obediently, one hand went between my legs. I was still slick from my previous climax, and my fingers rubbed across my throbbing clit. Ash drew back, and then pushed forward, harder and faster than before. I moaned, but my fingers didn’t stop, my eyes didn’t close. Too much sensation was coursing through me, but as Ash began to drive into me, my fingers never stop moving.

Time lost all meaning, my world narrowing down to our two bodies. To the feel of him stretching me, splitting me in two. The feel of my fingers working the swollen bundle of nerves. The look of need and love in his eyes as he looked down at me.

The sound of my name as he ordered me to come.

The world went white, and I cried out, uncaring that the flight crew could hear me. All I cared about was Ash following me over the edge, his breath hot on my neck as his body slumped down on mine.

When I woke up, hours later, Ash was wrapped around me. Though I had no memory of it, I knew he’d cleaned me up before climbing into bed with me. I knew because he’d done it before. His responsibility as the Dominant in our sexual relationship, he’d shared, was to look out for me even after the sex was done.

I wondered how far into the flight we were, then realized it didn’t matter. Ash had taken care of it. I didn’t need to do anything. I could let it go.

I snuggled back more tightly against him and felt his cock start to harden against my ass. I smiled. All I had to worry about was how sore I was going to be by the time we finally got home.

I reached behind me, sliding my hand between us until my fingers wrapped around his thickening shaft.

“Mmm…” He made a sleepy sound as he nuzzled the back of my neck. “Ready for another go?”

I gave him a squeeze and heard him suck in a breath. “Definitely ready,” I said. “Now I just want to know if you brought the blindfold.”



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