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A Wicked Kiss (Wicked Series Book 2)

There were three men in this world I thought I could trust and two of them had just betrayed me. Everything I’d thought I’d known about my life, about the people I loved, all of it was gone. I found myself staring at a pack of lies with no idea just how deep they went.

When twenty-six year-old Shae Lockwood is widowed after a horrible accident, she thinks that things can’t get any worse. The one person who is there for her through it all is her late husband’s best friend, Jasper Whitehall. Kind and compassionate, Jasper is exactly what she needs…until she discovers that Jasper is hiding more than one dark secret.

Don’t miss the second installment from best-selling author M.S. Parker’s erotic Wicked suspense series.


M.S. Parker continues to blow me away with her stories. Once again, A Wicked Kiss has rendered me numb. A Wicked Truth can’t come quick enough!


I thought Parker did amazing with Wicked Lies she blew me out of the water with Wicked Kiss

-Bear77, Amazon

You will be left wanting more, it’s filled with suspense, drama oh not forgetting the hot sex.

-Book Lover,



I didn’t know what to do. Three months ago, my husband, Allen Lockwood, had died in what I’d thought – what everyone had thought – was a freak accident. I’d been with Allen for eight years and losing him had nearly killed me. I’d had to fight my way back through grief, through legal battles with my late husband’s asshole relatives, through deciding what I wanted to do with the rest of my life now that everything had gone ass-end-up.

I was a widow at twenty-six. I’d met Allen my freshman year of college and while I’d continued pursuing my degree in early childhood education, all of my plans for the future had included him from nearly that moment on. Marriage, children…

I winced and closed my eyes. Just before Allen died, we’d talked about starting a family. For a few weeks after the…accident, I’d even worried that I was pregnant.




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