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A Legal Affair: The Complete Series Box Set

All of my friends have hot, amazing men in their lives, but I’m still single… and happy. I’ve never wanted to settle down. I enjoy going to clubs and hooking up with random men for the night… Then why the hell do I feel like something’s missing?

When gorgeous rock star Paxton Gorham walks into Leslie Calvin’s office, she tells herself that she can’t be attracted to him. He’s looking for a divorce, which means he has two strikes against him: he’s married and a client. What neither of them can deny, however, is the chemistry between them. They know it’s a bad idea, but they can’t help themselves.

Four friends were introduced in MS Parker’s Club Privé series, and three have gotten their happy endings. Will Leslie finally get the same in her own sizzling story, A Legal Affair?



This is such a fast paced series that you barely get a chance to catch your breath before another blow hits you straight in the heart!!!

-Misty Jean Roule,

OMG! What an awesome story by MS Parker.

-April R. Symes, Amazon

Another fantastic box set from this talented author . Excellent story line with plenty of hot and steamy sex what more do you need





Eying the clock, I tried not to think about everything I needed to do between now and the time I could leave.

Maybe I didn’t punch in and out, but I did have to work so many hours in order to bill my clients, and since Calvin and Associates didn’t actually have any associates, I did a hell of a lot of overtime.

I needed another me.

Actually, I needed another lawyer or at the very least, a paralegal.

I had an administrative assistant, and Haley was amazing, but I needed help with more than just administrative tasks. I needed a paralegal and a lot more than the intern I got on a limited basis too.

I’d been trying to find help for a while, but so far, no dice.


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